Update 1.1 - Frostborn

This update brings several new features to discover now!

Equipment durability

Increased equipment durability, raiding-related changes, a new location, and some minor new features aimed at making the gaming experience more comfortable.

First of all, for the following month, the durability of the equipment increases! To be more precise, + 20% extra durability to Unusual Weapons and Armor, + 50% to Rare Weapons, and + 100% to Epic Weapon and Armor types has been added. Winter is coming and we need all our strength to face it!

New map location : Helheim Rifts

This update also adds a new area on the world map - Helheim Rifts. You can find and mine Orichalcum Ore there, a rare new resource needed to craft high-level gear like: Sledgehammer, Shoulder Bag, or Instigator armor (you hear it right, all of these items can now be crafted).

Prepare your equipment as well as possible. To enter the Helheim Rifts, you must be at least level 70 and have 350+ Combat Power (just as a reminder, power is added by currently equipped items and your class level). Additionally, due to Hel's own sinister intervention, the entrance to the Helheim Rifts is only open 15 minutes per hour. Avoid hanging out for too long in this place! Otherwise, Hel's minions will purposely hunt you.

Changes applied to the raid system

Changes have been made to the raid system. Now, during a raid, you will be faced with a single family (not three different families, as was the case before). This change was intended to make raids overall more balanced and fair.

centralization of chests

Another important improvement: when you create an in-game item, the resources of all your chests in your area are taken into account. No need to go rummaging through all your chests to craft items! Just keep in mind that the vault vault, as well as your bank slots, will remain separate from the general camp resource pool because they are in a different area. This is a technical reason to consider.

Another quality of life change: When in a Crafting Workshop window, you can now switch between the character's inventory and the general pool of available resources. By doing this, you can easily transfer resources and fuel to the corresponding crafting slots with a double click.

Other changes and improvements

Among other important changes and improvements, we would like to highlight the following:
– The Secret Grove location will be reset when you start a new event using the Founder’s Statue;
– Opening the doors to your neighborhood will increase the tax by 6% now;
– You will now find slightly more generous premium deed rewards. Plus, you can view the list of all act rewards without unlocking other acts first;
– All currencies are now displayed in the inventory window for your convenience;
– Fixed bugs with incorrect Bolas work and several spells;
– The Builder button is now disabled at the start of the game until you receive a task to build walls;
– Money is now instantly added to your account when you buy silver coins in the game store;
– Added some more informative animations and notifications and tips to improve comments;
– Blasphemy filter added to chat;
– Server side optimizations;
– Numerous visual and sound improvements;
– Correction of the localization.