Find the list of players who contribute to the evolution of the site and discover their universe for curiosity or even to improve your style of play!

website creator


Freelance FullStack web developer since 2008 with more than 60 projects of various sizes created to date.

When I came on FrostBorn, I felt it was different from other mobile games. I immediately hooked and I got deeply involved.

However, something was missing, a site with all the information related to the game. So I started this project on December 7, 2020 and then officially opened it on January 25, 2021.

My main goal is to expand the FrostBorn community by improving player comfort.

VIP contributors

Fuerza - JCF

YouTube influencer on Mobile video games since May 2018 with more than 2M views on YouTube, Fuerza has contributed a lot to the FrostBorn community through informative and enriching videos.

Our current collaboration aims to bring many Tutorial videos within the site for the English-speaking community.

Flawpower - TradeCity

French active player since the release of the game in BETA version, Flawpower is at the initiative of the TradeCity project which brings together a large community of players always on the lookout for the best bartering on the game.

Our current collaboration aims to support and promote commerce between players.

beta testers

KuZzY - RPL [Imperium]

Crazy PvP player and official recruiter of the Imperium family for the IFR coalition.
KuZzY helped to find bugs on the BETA website version and provided some ideas for improvement that should see the light of day as soon as possible.

The rest of the list is being written.

website editors

We are currently recruiting 1 to 2 editors for news and tips on the site. I will train you in person on this job, then your nickname will appear here!