Boss Golem - Odin Forge

Preparation phase

Tank – Equipment:
– Purple armor PvP + blue or purple sword / shield
– 20 Bandages
– 5 Potion of Armor / Dispel / Reflection (to be confirmed)

Shooters – Equipment:
– Instigator purple armor (or minimum green armor if no instigator) + 4 blue or 2 purple weapons
– 20 Bandages
– 3 Berserk potion + 10 Mushroom soup (soup to be taken as soon as the berserk potion stops working)

Engagement phase

1 runner / 3 archery or stick shooters
the 3 shooters position themselves in the center of the room and bombard the boss
the runner walks the Boss in a circle around the shooters, without getting hit and far enough away from the shooters

Phase 2 - 50% boss health

Tank – Strategy:
– Position the Boss along a wall between 2 cannons.
– As soon as the Boss makes his attack on the ground, use the referral or dispel or armor potion, use a bandage, move the boss a little further along the wall between 2 cannons.

Shooters – Strategy:
– Stay in the center of the room between the cannonballs and strafe the boss (watch the durability of your weapons, change before they break)
– If the boss is out of reach, take a bandage then move only vertically or horizontally (never diagonally)

Healer – Strategy:
– Always keep active healing staff to attack with and heal the Tank as best as possible.
– If the boss is out of reach, take a bandage then always move vertically or horizontally

items found on the boss